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Friday, November 18, 2005 7:32:52 PM
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Thursday, June 26, 2008 1:02:33 PM
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Life is short so make the most if it prople.
Well, I've been listening to so much music of every genre recorded directly to hard drive that I almost forgot what 8-track analog even sounds like! (Except for Old Blue, which qualifies as an honorary digital recording it's so clear). Ted peddles this one as "great! garage".
Now I'm going to characterize it considerably differently. Live For Today is rather more like that one track that Events Directors at family-oriented resorts wanna hear before they sign your band up for a one-week 12 show engagement. Sure, there were a coupla "adult" words in the lyrics, but the song maintains a Huey Lewis-like friendliness that works at Bar Mitzvahs and weddings in addition to the resort bar and lounge scene. This is no knock - quite the contrary. I know a considerable number of musicians doing this circuit who would kill to acquire The Sound. It's expansive in scope - you've got grammar sittin' and slurpin', and the little ones right in front of the stage whirling around until they fall down silly.
So here's this feel-good version of a "You gotta live for today" multigenerational party tune, and it so exudes the joy that Ted brings to his art, you gotta kinda wonder, "Is there a Dark Side?"
Well, yes there is. I've looked over the lyrics to this song along with quickly handwritten notes about the music and arrangement, and I've come to the conclusion that it's all in the delivery. The "happy and exuberant" facet to the song is Ted's performance and interpretation (and this is one strong vocal job by the man). Someone could re-portrait the song into a dark genre using a dobro, reinterpretation of the lyrics, and an upright bass with a fiddlestick.
This song was a light bulb for me. I finally realize the inner nature of Ted's art; in half a sentence, Ted is happy to be doing this. It might be that simple.
The song is catchy, decently arranged as a Standard, has a coupla chording additions that spice up the fabric of the backgro

Written, recorded, performed, and produced by Ted Lehman and Randy Bishop (ASCAP) © 2005 Ted's Brain Productions

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Eve Turns on the Radio
I second that Mr. Lehman!

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