Sven CurthWhat a day to be alive
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017 1:05:18 PM
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017 1:08:29 PM
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Ultimately it's a love song - about coping with self-doubt.

Sven Curth

What a day to be alive

Woke up yesterday not feeling great, the sky was closing in - I was alone.
The sun was shining and the world was goin' round but my mind wouldn't let me go.
Don't know why the weight is heavy on me one day and another day it's gone...
Something waiting in the shadows for when I'm looking for the strength to carry on...

It says, "The work's too hard; the road's too far; and nothing waiting at the end".

I often wonder how the people 'round me seem to know exactly where to turn -
I've got no answers, only questions, the more I know the more I know I have to learn.
Some days my doubts command the upper hand and leave me laying helpless in a hole -
Some days it's all too clear: my doubts and fears are mainly what support my self-control.

And then there's you, you're there too... Doubled forces, hand in hand.
Today we say

What a day to be alive
And you're right here by my side
And the trouble leaves my mind...
Everything will be alright

Went to bed last night not feeling right, my mind consumed with worries of the day
The more desperate I am for sleep the more the chances of its coming slip away.
I don't know why some nights I'm wired so tight like everything I've ever done is wrong -
something bleak and dark and hopeless like I'm searching but there's nowhere I belong.

Sinking down, below the ground; cold earth heavy on my chest

As I agonize, eyes open wide, I hear your gentle breathing in my ear
You're sleeping quietly right next to me, your breath the only sound that I can hear.
I reach out silently, assuring me I still can feel the warm touch of your skin
Something light and soft and hopeful, I finally close my eyes just as the dawn begins.

The dark is gone, here comes the sun;
Maybe tomorrow we will say

What a day to be alive
And you're right here by my side
And the trouble leaves my mind...
Everything will be alright
ad our share of fun
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Smile About It
banjo backin', rollin' musicality and storytellin', c-o-o-l chronicle, 'what a day to be alive,' bloomin'...

catches feelings of love and self doubt,in a pleasin' soundscape, colorful banjo, percussion, stirrin' vocal and bvs, and intuitive dynamics resolvin' with the uptempo chorus, sensous imagery, legs,kudos...

Over The Moon
Interesting track with unusual backing track - Paul Simon feel but a good original feel too.

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