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Thursday, July 27, 2017 10:10:35 PM
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Thursday, July 27, 2017 10:32:38 PM
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Mellow vibe at the start takes some time to unwind, but it grows on ya, cool feel then big soundscape, great vocals. embraces you and surrounds you with elegant swirling sounds of magic from Arlentide

after some research I found out this is a project called Arlentide and the woman singing this incredible song is Renee Hibbert .To me this is the best song at IMP right now , can this lady sing, what a great song, mind blowing, so genuine and authentic, Lyrics are outstanding,well written song, the music well it is very inviting, there is a lovely texturing of instrumentation dovetailed and expertly woven together a very very fine composition, crazy good production. amazing singing, powerful song ,It captures your mind and holds you in rapture. This Lady has a beautiful voice and lays down a tripping vibe. on the river, I rolled (rode)? my banks for you. smart lyrics, great song, eYe dig

Mystery Radio
Always a Mystery this life and the experiences we have and lessons learned and the stories we have to share, this is a magical song which takes you on a rainbow ride to the skies and back again to listen to the river. sweet mysterious mystical magic in this one with such tripping out singing and wonderful production. enjoy this beauty of a tune, from miss teary nuggets she finds, golden shiny ones, on with the prospecting, by the river side

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