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Thursday, August 10, 2017 3:36:45 AM
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Thursday, August 10, 2017 3:39:13 AM
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It's a satirically serious commentary on today's smartphone culture, whilst paying tribute to a fallen comrade.

Jamie O'Keefe - Vocals / Guitar
Yuri Pavlinov - Bass
Danny Farrugia - Drums / Percussion

Composed by Jamie O'Keefe

I wrote the nuts & bolts of this song when I was about 16. The chorus and guitar remain the same, just lyrics have evolved over the years.
- One Fine Day -

- Verse 1 -
So Connected, yet so alone
My life revolves, around my phone
Screens are like, Nipples to me
Electrical Milk, for my family
This self induced, Regicide
Will show me where, your loyalty lies

- Verse 2 -
And when our phones meet, it’s love at first text
They’ll build a phone house and have baby phones next
A Cyborgs ear, Periscopic Peace
Ark was killed, by native thieves
Glances laced, with patient grace
His Drawings would, take out first place
The darkness will, disappear from sight
Faster than, the speed of light
Here’s a Nexus Point, Transmogrify
Antithetical, Like a Butterfly

- Pre Chorus -
Do you think I’m cool?
Do you think I’m sad?
Do you think I’m good?
Do you think I’m rad?
I do and I don’t
I will and I won’t
I do and I don’t,

- Chorus -
I’ll be fine, I'm OK
I’m not done, One fine day
If my first, is my last
Don’t regret, what’s in the past
Now, I know, I know
I’ll be fine, Mighty fine
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