InzieeI Wish I Was Dead
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 1:34:55 PM
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 1:45:29 PM
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Eve does it again!


Revolves around the question of one's existence and purpose in life. Sometimes you try hard to find good out in the world but fail to find any.

I found myself one night really depressed and somewhat had mild suicidal thoughts. I grabbed a pen and a paper and wrote these lines.
I be feeling like i m paralyzed
Like bricks in my throat
I feel like lost kid
Alone and broke
I wanna walk on roads that i m not allowed
With a fake smile on tryna escape this crowd
Wish i could help
There's nothing i can give
Give u my prayers and my words
And my shoulder when u grieve
I've been struggling
To walk in a straight line
Feelin like givin up
But this beat keepin me alive
Aaaaah wish this pain just fades away
Like smoke fades away in clear air
U see i m in pain
But u r puttin salt
Think that hurts
But it hurts no more
And there's this thing
That i dont keep a grudge
Though i feel to seek revenge
But i know that god is above
Thousand beginnings and thousand ends
Almighty knows we're all gonna be dead

And I wish I wish I wish I was dead
Gonna walk away with these things unsaid
And I wish I wish I wish I was dead
Its better to walk away doesnt matter what i said

Never thought why we're alive
Why do we even exist
We're the imperfect creations
Of that one perfect thing
We got flaws
We are misfits
Struggling to be someone
That we really can't be
Now tell me aint that funny
What really matters is the money
What bout the love
What bout the soul
Cuz i see the body's worth more
And the soul is just a penny
I m sick and tired
Cuz what matters is the money


Can you hear me
Can you hear me now
Can you hear me
Say that you hear me now
Song Comments

Eve does it again!
Inziee is a favorite of mine. I don't like that he seems to be having a tough time, hope things get better soon!

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