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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 6:19:19 PM
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017 6:21:24 PM
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Eve does it again!
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Upbeat narrative with a beginning, middle and end.

Lyrics: ©Gail Marten 2008
Music: Gail Marten @ Clem Ehoff ©2008

A bouncy ode to romantic self-improvement, surgical and otherwise.
I will reinvent myself, become another me
I will circumvent my natural personality.
Find a formula to free…an alternate reality
And maybe then he’ll fall in love with me.

I will rise at six am…To exercise my chi
Stop at eight and meditate…Achieving harmony.
Change the color of my hair…Reconstruct my derriere
Surely then he’ll fall in love with me.

A shopping spree at Lord and T, I’ll want to look my best.
Scrutinize and then revise…The contour of my chest.
Botox my brow and lift my chin—Fill the rest with collagen.
Then I KNOW he'll fall in love with me.

If I reinvent myself, will it be me he’ll see?
Or the sweet fantasia that I pretend to be?
When he looks into my eyes
Do you think he’ll recognize
The one and only quintessential me?

Ooh, I’m getting butterflies
Will he see through my disguise
That I am who I pretend to be?
I’m about to vaporize
Do you think he’ll recognize
The one and only quintessential

Song Comments

Eve does it again!
aw I just loved this. 60s lounge music. Gail you are so charming. The solo made me get up and dance. You just made my day! I know a lot of people who go around reinventing themselves and I tend to love whatever they become next. :)

TonyGirl's Favorites
I was like, oh how nice old school music. Then I listened to the lyrics. They are awesome! It's like " What would Marilyn Monroe's character do these days to catch a millionare? " Botox!

Golden Kayak Nominees 2017

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