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Saturday, August 26, 2017 3:31:20 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Eve does it again!


A Song of thanksgiving. Just being Thankful for my moment and for the love of God.

Music and vocals by DH

This song has become one of my favorites. It was written while struggling with brain tumor symptoms. When I posted it here, we did not know what I was facing. When I posted it on this site this was what I wrote: Life can hit you with the unexpected and the normal and natural thing to do is to seek out those who claim to care or have your back. When they don't and you pray but nothing changes, you learn and press on.
Song of Thanksgiving.

It doesn’t matter what I’m going through.
I’ll always sing to you.
I’ll lift my voice in praise.
You’ve honored me in many ways.

Once my faith was falling down.
I couldn’t count on those around.
I got on my knees and prayed.
You helped me get through those days.

You’re a God of second chances.
And you’ve caused me to see.
You gave me beauty from the Ashes.
Thank you for loving me.

You’ve taken away my guilt and my shame.
You've removed the dirt from my name.
You filled me when I was dry.
And you gave me wings to fly.

I’ve gone through many trials and I’ve grown.
I didn’t do that on my own.
You were there leading me on.
My sadness and my fears are gone.

© Ruth Garnes 2017
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Eve does it again!
a song of gratitude.

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