James B GrahamOur Home - High In The Mountains
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Sunday, September 03, 2017 3:06:12 PM
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James B Graham

Our Home - High In The Mountains
 2006 By James B. Graham

E B7sus EMaj7 B7sus

[E] There's a place I [B7sus] know [EMaj7] On a lake high [B7sus] in the mountains

[E] Nobody else [B7sus] knows [EMaj7] where it is or [B7sus] how to get there

[AMaj7] Sure the cabin needs some fixin' [Am] We'll have fun together mixin'

[E] Love and work can [EMaj7] go a long [E7] way

[AMaj7] And in the evening when we're tired [Am] We can gather by the fire

[E] Watch the ambers [EMaj7] crackle and [E7] glow

[AMaj7] And we'll call that [Am] little house our [E] home. [B7sus] [EMaj7] [B7sus]

[E] Yes we'll call it [B7sus] home [EMaj7] When we're done the [B7sus] renovations

[E] Just a simple [B7sus] home [EMaj7] Without the modern [B7sus] innovations

[AMaj7] Loneliness will be our pleasure [Am] there among the mountain treasures

[E] Maybe you [EMaj7] don't under- [E7] stand

[AMaj7] We will manage and enjoy it [Am] Use our knowledge and employ it

[E] Live the way they [EMaj7] did so long a- [E7] go

[AMaj7] And we'll call that [Am] little house our [E] home [E]

[AMaj7] The city lights no longer call for me [AmMaj7] The stars at night are what I'd rather see

[E] There's no place that [EMaj7] I would rather [E7] be

[AMaj7] This is how we [Am] always dreamt [Am] it would be [B7sus] [E]

[E] There's something we both [B7sus] know [EMaj7] But neither wants to [B7sus] talk about it

[E] Come the winter [B7sus] snow [EMaj7] We will have to [B7sus] live without it

[AMaj7] Summer days that knew no hours [Am] fields ablaze with wild flowers

[E] soon will be all [EMaj7] covered in [E7] snow

[AMaj7] Chop some wood and seal the windows [Am] you know how that mountain wind blows

[E] Hurry the [EMaj7] old mans on his [E7] way

[AMaj7] But we'll stay warm and [Am] cozy in our [E] home

[B7sus] [EMaj7] [B7sus] [E]
Song Comments

some nice melodic twists.

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