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Friday, September 08, 2017 4:14:55 PM
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Saturday, September 30, 2017 10:07:58 PM
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Fresh Brew


Young George Martin was no more than a boy
But he could fight like a man and women were his toys
A poor orphan child he roamed the land
Until he joined the army to be the drummer in the band

And they said ride,ride and ride
Into the setting sun
You know that the time is right
You know that your time has now come

Over the seas and into the storm
He fought for the flag of his country born
Then came the day he could fight no more
'cuz his heart was torn by a young prisoner girl

And he said whats all this fightin' about
If my enemy can become my freind
We must leave here tonight before the day has begun

Well the captain was a fool and a knave
A coward t'boot may he rot in his grave
He could have let young George Martin be
In return for the service he'd given his country

He said I'll ride, ride and ride
Into the setting sun
I'll get that traitor tonight
Before the day has begun

The people round were poor simple souls
but they could tell a good man from one whos heart was cold
They helped young George but the other they did hinder
And one did prosper while the other went under

And they said ride, ride and ride
Go bring your lover over
Here is a place you can live
Tell us stories about your days as a soldier.
Song Comments

Fresh Brew
original, it lays out an interesting soundscape. I wish he had posted the lyrics.

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