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Monday, September 18, 2017 10:50:38 PM
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Monday, September 18, 2017 10:52:59 PM
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Magic Swirling Ship
eYe 2


Song was written without a click track and the lyrics fell in line.

Tim Higgins @ All Rights Reserved

Tomorrow seemed so far away
When I was younger
Minutes passed like days 
But now I sit and wonder

Where'd the time go
Why was I in such a hurry?
Why can’t I just stay in the moment?
Does time keep moving faster?
Why can't I go backwards?
I want to just stay in the moment

Do you remember those sunny days
Wishing they'd last forever?
Then wishing your life away
On all the days with rainy weather?
Seems like we’re all on a mission
To to get where we’re going
Thinking thoughts with a one track mind
Unaware of how little we’re really knowing

Every place Ive been
Every face I've seen
I've been living my life
In the moments between
Song Comments

Magic Swirling Ship
A dreamy record of a moment.All jingle jangle guitar and sweet harmonies.I imagine the sun was coming thru the window of the studioo- but i may be wrong...

eYe 2
thanks for the reminder, Do a lot of listening, was aware, takes time to get through reviewing. Immediately loved the song, totally got me, so wonderful a production and tasty wonderful touches throughout. well arranged with smartly appointed instrumentation. thoughtfully woven together this composition,I have to say also it is lyrically a real solid endeavor indeed. terrific listen and wonderful vocals, amazingly incredible musicianship too. thanks for the reminder I appreciated your efforts on this song. Beautiful and compelling, a winner and should do well here at IMP and elsewhere, you on spotify, will check out. cheers from the eYe........Bryon T.

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