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Saturday, October 07, 2017 9:40:39 AM
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Saturday, October 07, 2017 9:42:34 AM
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Eve's Thing is Good Songs
Golden Kayak Nominees 2017


It's a song about my fear of the night and the silence it brings.

Composed and performed by DeMonicka


I wish I could tell you why I feel like that
But I am in my own way
It’s me against the words I hide at the tip of my tongue
I am alone in what I go through
My chest is hurting from all the things that I wish I could say
But I’m too scared of deceptiveness

I close my eyes but I find no relief
The shadow of the past is slowly gaining on me
Wolfing me ‘til there’s nothing left of me

Can someone take me away from me
Will the planes finally stop to crash?
As crazy as it seems it’s as real as it feels
I’m tired of living the scenario of losing it

Why is it so damn hard to breathe?
I feel like I’m dying as I'm trying to sleep
Somebody distract me, somebody set me free

A foolish fire
is slowly leading me astray
I am so wired
The noise is driving me insane
The lines are faded, and I’m jaded
And I sleep on pins and needles
Waiting for the worst to come to pass

It’s like a spider
Catching the prey right in the web
Can we ceasefire?
It’s way too much than I can take
My heart’s ablaze, I’m in haze
So immersed in misery
Can someone show me a way out?

Wear me out ‘til I’m vulnerable
Then shower me with images of my own calamities
I bottle up smiles and fears
I'm coming apart at the seams
But who can understand what I truly mean?

I hate to know I am losing control
I thought that I was capable of so much more
I’ve never been this terrified before


It’s like a spider
Crawling right under my skin
Heathens and liars
Hiding the truth away from me
I’m scared to die from the lie
I know it’s irrational
I wait ‘til it’ s gone on its own x
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Eve's Thing is Good Songs
DeMonicka really sings it out on this one. She is soooo good.

Golden Kayak Nominees 2017

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