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Tuesday, October 10, 2017 8:41:17 PM
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Saturday, October 21, 2017 8:57:09 PM
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Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews
Golden Kayak Nominees 2017
The Talkabout Station


it is about you and yours and me and mine

Words and music by Bob Balsley

3 Great friends died of brain cancer in the last 2 years
In my life I'm so glad that I knew you
And all the things you helped me through
In my life I could never ask for more every time you opened doors
And so it goes as time closes in
The places that we've been I'd do it all again
In my life I never could have found a way said the things I had to say
Made it through another day
Your memory will always stay. In my life
Song Comments

Terrific vocals, cool nuances and interpretation, and that guitar work is outstanding, tasty chordal work and transitions, master of the instrument indeed. mellow cool vibe

Choosy Sue's Perilous Reviews
I did a little research on Bob before this review and it seems the guy has no failings! The superlatives from his peers roll out like balls from a Lottery machine and everyone is a winner after playing Bob's music. So, I realized I had my work cut out trying to find his Achilles Heel without removing the furry footwear. He didn't want me to make him cry but Bob, pass the tissues because I'm mopping up teardrops with every warm hug your vocal wraps around me, every drop of emotion you squeeze out of me makes my potential venom melt away until I have sweet nectar instead of cold blood in my veins. Did you go to School with Johnny Mathis or Nat King Cole by any chance, you could have taught them a thing or two I bet. This ain't "In my life" by The Beatles, a Rubber Soul classic - the only rubber sole you'll find here are on those cozy slippers. Damn it, I bet his feet don't even sweat - Choosy Susie 2017

Golden Kayak Nominees 2017

The Talkabout Station
When you listen to this slow jazz ballad you feel as if you're the only one left in the lounge bar at the end of a long busy day. Such a measured and meaningful performance. Your ear is caught somewhere between the perfect plucked acoustic guitar and the rich warm tones of the singer.

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