Hop On PopThis Ain't No Race
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Monday, November 13, 2017 11:22:01 PM
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Monday, November 13, 2017 11:23:00 PM
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What the Folk!
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Rockabilly country acoustic shuffle thing.

©2017 Todd Leiter-Weintraub
Written by: Todd Leiter-Weintraub
Recorded and mixed by: John Swamy, October, 2017

Acoustic guitar and vocals: Todd Leiter-Weintraub
Guitar solo: Laddie Peknik
Bass: Steve Siculan
Drums: David Kling
Additional lead guitar: John Swamy

I had this chord progression rolling around in my head for a couple of years; was playing it over and over, but without any lyrics. Until one day it all came tumbling out of me. So I got the guys together, rehearsed, and got it all on tape.
Well I’ve been tied up
Now I’m tied down
And I’m tangled up in knots
But you know, it ain’t the worst place I could be
‘Cause I’ve been busted up
And broken down
And lost everything I’d got
But now I’ve got someone to share their debts with me

Well, I owe a lot
She owes a lot
And we’re never catching up
But I’ve never felt the need to save my face
We know we can’t keep up
To what we’ve never caught
And, besides it’s way too late
But now we’re old enough to know this ain’t no race

The Jones’ were born with spoons in their mouths
So they could pay for their head starts
And their daddies all strapped rockets to their backs
But we could barely pay our entry fee
So when the gun went off
We were left behind—at the back of the pack…

And now we can’t keep up
To what we’ve never caught
And, besides it’s way too late
But now we’re old enough to know this ain’t no race
Song Comments

What the Folk!
Outstanding Track from Todd, excellent vocals ,tasty shots of guitar here and there as well this one moves along like a freight train, its fast and has lots of jump and pizzazz fun loving and good energy. reminds me of the Lovin Spoonful. terrific and super to have Todd get some fresh tracks at IMP

The Wondering Minstrels
uptempo, rockin' ditty, happenin' vocal, happenin' band, with a message (followin' along w the lyrics woo hoo), bells and whistles production, kudos...

Radio Ready
Groovy song by Todd I dig it.

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