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Saturday, December 16, 2017 2:20:40 AM
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Saturday, December 16, 2017 2:23:21 AM
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poppy little thang.

Tim Higgins

Saw the Harvey Weinstein story, I have three girls so I wrote this tune.
Spoken Intro:
I'm not usually this outspoken, but this has gone on for way too long.
You see, I'm tired of all your lies and I'm tried of being mistreated.
It’s time for me to make some changes and move forward with my life.
So I guess this is me saying I'm done playing your games.
You can’t hurt me anymore.

I tried so hard to keep you in my arms
But you never treated me right
Told myself you didn’t mean no harm
I hoped that things would be alright

you don't really love me
no, you just love yourself
jilted lover
it's time find someone else

'Cause I've packed my bags. I'm leaving on the next flight out.
No, you can't stop me now.

ooo jilted lover
whatcha gonna do?
jilted lover
won’t feel sorry for you

Spoken Bridge cont:
I gave you so much time to get it right but it's like you didn't even try.
You only wanted me around when it was convenient for you
and I was so blinded by my own desires that I couldn't see the
truth. It’s true what they say, the truth hurts,
but it sets you free and right now I’ve never felt more free in my life.

How could you? Did you really think I didn't know about her?
What did you do? Did you really think I didn’t have a clue?
Well, she can have you now, because I'm closing the door.
Want you to see how glad I am that you're not mine no more.

‘cause you don't really love me
you just love yourself, oh
jilted lover
you better find someone else

I tried so hard to keep you in my arms
But you never treated me right
Now im done, out the door I’m gone
Movin’ forward with my life
You know why…
You never really loved me
Jilted lover
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Cool newie from dorian london..eYe

Eve's Winter Wonderland
I liked the backing.

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