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Saturday, March 03, 2018 4:49:13 PM
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Ninth song on the 2017 Robot Raven release, "Life Goes On"

Robot Raven

Blessing and a Curse – The verse “I'm possessed by her sweet spell, an angel raising a little hell” says it all.
Blessing and a Curse

The wicked way she has with me.
I don’t act responsibly.
Does the good outweigh the bad?
Best obscene I ever had.
Can’t say stop when she says go.
Shows me things I shouldn’t know.
Her evil plan is plain to see.
I’m a part of her puppetry.

She’s a blessing and a curse.
A bit of heaven here on earth..
A little devil to disperse.
It couldn’t be much worse.

I like my good in small amounts.
My bad only when it counts.
It’s a balance then indeed,
‘cause both of them is what I need.
So right, yet it’s so wrong.
Is this the place where I belong?
I’m possessed by her sweet spell.
An angel raising a little hell.
(mid 8)
She’s my demon. She’s my saint.
Wrap my world around her now,
Our love has no restraint.
Makes me sad. Makes me smile.
In it deep yeah, there’s no way out.
She’s a vixen. She’s a shrew.
Her voodoo will enchant you.
Fool ya with her bag of tricks.
All in ways you can’t predict.
She’s a vamp. She’s a flirt.
How good does it really hurt?
Always get what you deserve,
it’s a blessing and a curse.
She’s a blessing and a curse.
Could it really be much worse?
She’s a blessing and a curse.
Could it really be much worse x
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