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Saturday, March 03, 2018 5:06:44 PM
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Twelfth song (and last) on the 2017 Robot Raven release, "Life Goes On"

Robot Raven

Life Goes On (refrain) – the final cut of the album sporting a completely different take; turning itself into a longing folk ballad with gritty, honest emotion to close the set.
Life Goes On

I awoke and you weren’t there
I wondered where you might be
without me –
I’m alone, it’s plain to see.
Perhaps it’s just my point of view,
but argue when we just should disagree?
Seems so strange to me.
Life goes on.
Every darkness has a dawn.
Life goes on.
Want us to sing our song.
Times you say I don’t care.
Really might be unaware,
just can’t see –
sometimes it’s not all me.
Always a perfect pair,
even playing solitaire
That’s the key –
to sailing our stormy seas.
Lovers can hit some bumps,
and have their ups and downs.
Why throw it all away
when our ship goes aground?
Not broken, but open –
New ways for us to be.
Something that’ll pass my love.
won’t break us now, you’ll see...
(refrain) –
changing life to love in the last refrain
I awoke and you weren’t there
I wondered where you might be
without me – x
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