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Monday, March 19, 2018 9:31:34 AM
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Monday, March 26, 2018 1:41:12 PM
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Satellite pop

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Everybodies looking for the sun,
locked inside of the tower like a maiden
With a million shekels in her hand
she gazes out through the eyes of a stranger
Wonders when the hero's gonna come ,
somewhere out of a smile from tommorow
Travelling thru the emptiness of space,
she lives in hope there's the dream that'll follow..

I got the satellite
and constellations go to my head,
I roll thru the dark for just a moment of light with you

You're such an open heart
I feel but i don't understand,
caught in the wireless of my cerebral mind like glue

..and Danie's standing here
saying there's no love in her world,
wanting a sky that there is never the time to view

and the people go on and on thru stories of their lives
Yeh the people go on and on and on tonight ,
but its hard to be strong when you're caught in the barrel of a gun
that won't let them run..
but you let them run....

I got the satellite
and conversations go to my head,
I roll thru the dark for just a moment of light with you.. x
Song Comments

Indie Extravaganza
Many of us have written good songs. Some of us have written some great songs. But Steve Ison is one of the few who gets his own genre. Once again he flashes his brilliance here. This song is truly Isonesque.

The Good Stuff: VI
Another great song from Steve for The Good Stuff! He makes it seem effortless, doesn't he?

Madness In The Modern Day! -M-

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