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Thursday, March 22, 2018 8:36:14 PM
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Saturday, April 28, 2018 4:38:10 AM
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This is a song I wrote back toward the beginning of 2016 when I was playing at a cafe in Richmond every morning called Cafe Pascal. It's very inspired by the songwriting style of Jim Croce.

Written, Produced, Recorded and Mixed by
Marc Maynon

Mastered by Nathan at Matrix Audio

Marc Maynon - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Piano and Bass
Josh Krey - Drums


When I wrote it, it was very much stream of consciousness and resembled what a melodramatic, hopeless-romantic, jilted lover would wish to say to someone who dumped him. It reminded me of how over-attached I used to be to girlfriends I had in high school, so I stuck the line in there about being only 15 and sort-of made the song a tribute to my teenage self and what a hopeless romantic I was.
I don't know why you left
All I know if you left me
With a broken heart
Why did you do it?
Well, let's go through it
Right from the start

Going over every note I wrote to you
Trying to find out where I went wrong

I want to call and see
If you'll give me
A little clarity
Why do I take this
So seriously?
I'm only 15.

So who was it?
Was it me? Was I the one?
Or was that what I had to believe?

People tell me I'm too young to settle down.
They tell me don't expect all that much from you.
They're always saying: I should be content to run round.
But how can I love you like I do?
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Smile About It
engagin' vocal, with neat changes, and musicality, only 15, kinda cool, jazzy here and there, kudos...

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