Sean LenoxCrystal Habit (Dulcimer ver.)
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018 4:13:10 PM
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018 4:14:55 PM
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A reimagining of a song I wrote back in 2013! This new version of "Crystal Habit" is performed with an ensemble of dulcimer, acoustic bass, and drums.

Bass and Vocals: Sean Lenox
Dulcimer: Selena Dumont
Drums: Blizzie Horowitz

Original recording featured on "Sort Of (Not Really)" - 2013

As I learned in Geology class, a "crystal habit" refers to the way a crystal grows. As such, my "crystal habit" is the way I grow, which in this song refers to making mistakes, feeling guilty about them, and trying to learn from them. My introverted nature and social anxieties often led to me saying things I didn't mean or getting terse with my friends. Afterward I would think, "Why did I say that? Why didn't I think about what I was saying? Why was my first instinct to be rude?" Analyzing these situations and feelings ultimately helped me grow as a person, but this method of growth created a lot of frustration and regret.
The window is warm
The morning is young
With nary a bon mot on the tip of my tongue

Silence and thought
Tunnel vision
Swimming with synapses and the day has begun

Enter the friend
Thinking with speed
Churning and growing as they're talking to me

Taken aback
Rattle and hum
Responses a million and I have to pick one

I can't break my crystal habit

Emboldened and crass
Jumping and breaking in where I shouldn't go

Speak and then think
What have I done?
Communication breaking down into none

I can't break my crystal habit

I'm sorry
Song Comments

Blurby the Maestro of Blurbs
Really interesting arithmatical backing, love it when the drums come in. It appears the singer has a meth habit, this song probably works even better when one is tweaking. No need to apologize, we all do whatever we need to do, and this song did it for me.

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