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Sunday, June 17, 2018 2:09:54 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Desperado Tornado Blues


About a man satiating his appetite for blueberries....

Written and performed by Bruce Boyd

Blueberry muffin for breakfast
Blueberry jam at lunch
Wadda we havin at dinnertime
Don’t know but I’ve got a hunch
Baby loves blueberry pie
Then again so do I

My life’s been feast or famine
And I’m a hungry man
If it’s laid on my table
I get it while I can
Always get my fill
Guess I always will

This axe is a Mexican Tele
Cheap n cheerful n loud
Senoritas like it when I play
I play all night if I’m allowed
Tacos spicy and hot
Serve me up the lot

I like candlelit suppers
A picnic out in the woods
Champagne poppin at breakfast time
Anyhow ya get it is good
Dine in or take away
Any way that’s OK

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