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Sunday, June 24, 2018 10:46:12 PM
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Sunday, June 24, 2018 10:51:09 PM
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Love and Joy

All music and lyrics Steve Ison

I'll sing a song of love and joy
through the blues
those avenues of a heart that's not been round
Out of sight -in the night
Out of touch -It's all too much

But when it comes to loving you
i'm a fool still at school
I just give myself away
with every look -an open book
and every gush - as i blush
Every clown falling down
Every song i put on....

Talking away through the tears for your hopeless man
who's got you in the can
He's pawning off your world

I'm biggin' you up like a child at a divas door
You've heard it all before
All the better things you ignore

But i don't mind 'cos i love you the way you are
and see you like a star
Feels colder when you're gone

I got a plan -it's a genuine honest way
I'll tell you about someday
Or maybe i won't say at all

Orbitting the sun we make our way through it
Or to put it another way we're travelling through everyday in dances
So how could i do it down ?
The moment i wake up might not be too pretty
Head full of muddy dreams
hung on some memory that's haunting
till i feel the sun come round again..
then you're there, we're here with love and joy

Aiming for the stars like a leaf blowing
Some day we're gonna be ash in the cemetery -I know it
There's always been one way out

Moving right along we got to keep going
around like a satellite
Here then we're out of sight , its over
but you know that we'll be found again
then you're there, we're here with love and joy
Song Comments

Indie Wavelength
an open-hearted, upbeat song, with a grand vocal, and bvs, full of romance and schoolboy stuff, w a tempo change, wide-rangin' and a sonic tapestry, all wrapped up with lustrous sonics and a 2nd change of tempo, could listen all day to and joy...

Light My Fire
a terrific song, a song of experience, w many layers, a sonic tapestry, kudos...

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