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Tuesday, September 04, 2018 1:52:01 AM
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Tuesday, September 04, 2018 6:54:39 AM
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Desperado Blues - R&B/Soul - Jazz


Uptempo R&B song of hope for peace.

Stoneman wrote, produces and performed everything on this recording.

Written during one of our worst times in history in regards to race relations, This is a song of hope that all people can learn to respect and tolerate each others differences.

Get wit it, get wit it, get wit it, get wit it

If we all join hands giving love and peace a chance
We can change the world and erase the need to fight
People young and old, Brown and Black and Tan and White
If we all just come together, working hard we all can make things right
Feed the poor and make things better, end the wars that cause famine and blight

Get wit it, get wit it, get wit it, get wit it
Get, get, get, get with it yeah, we change the world yeah yeah, get with love and with peace
We can change the world, change the world, change the world!

Now’s, the day and time we have prayed and hoped to see
If you long for change here’s your opportunity.
We can end all hate, we can end all bigotry
Just by standing strong to support equality
If we all stop pointing fingers and stop putting other people down
Though effects of hate still linger, we can change by spreading love around oh yeah

Get wit it. get wit it, get wit it, get wit it
Get, get, get, get with it, we can change the world together if we try
Get, get, get, get with it we can change the world, change the world

All my thugs in the hood turn around, you know you need to get wit it
Crips and Bloods throw those gang colors down it’s time to truly get wit it
From the North to the South hold it down, respect to all who get wit it
White and Black Red and Brown tearing down the walls of hate to get wit it
And we ain’t gonna hate no mo’ no shooting and killing no mo’
No more instigating retaliation no more senseless murders for affiliation
No more police brutality, no more crimes on humanity
No more crosses burning in the night, no more wars because of lies

Get wit it, get wit it, get wit it, get wit it
From Harlem and Queens oh yeah, all the way down to New Orleans
From Oakland and the Bay, gonna spread the love all over the USA
Get with love and with peace and deal hatred a resounding defeat
Whatever your faith, we all know that God is so great
So lets end all this hate oh yeah and bring peace to the whole human race

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