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Saturday, November 10, 2018 5:15:11 PM
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Saturday, December 01, 2018 10:27:48 PM
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She's running with the bright lights crowd.

Oh My
Oh my
Poppy’s in a crisis. Baby found the big, bright lights
That’s why, Poppy exercises
Walking in a circle while he’s howlin at the moon all night
It’s not the money or the power or the clothes
It’s just that Baby’s stepping out so who’s she with? Who knows
Poppy’s in a crisis. Baby found the big bright lights
It’s like dawn. She’s still gone. Oh my.

gonna get discovered. All her people tell her so.
And she, buys it cause they love her
Poppy has to wonder if there’s something more that he don’t know.
He would never kill her dreams you know he won’t
But it’d be nice to have some talent on the side. She don’t
Gonna get discovered. All the homies tell her so.
Just sing. Bling bling. Oh my

No doubt. She met some people so she’s got it figured out.
How ‘bout, those shady vermon who pretend to have some clout
Found out about Ramone but then it gets a little vague
Poppy gonna rearrange his legs

Oh my
Plot is gettin thicker. Baby never leaves the lights
Swing by. Home is just a flicker
Poppy can’t decide if he should storm the beach or stay polite
This guy Ramone has got some money and a car
But Poppy thinks our friend Ramone is gonna go too far.
Yeah we got a crisis. Baby loves the big, bright lights
It’s past dawn. She’s still gone.
Oh my

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