Shawn Adam WilliamsYou Better Tell Somebody
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Friday, January 11, 2019 10:53:37 PM
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Friday, January 11, 2019 10:54:34 PM
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All instruments: Shawn Adam Williams
Written and Produced by Shawn Adam Williams

You Better Tell Somebody
Written by Shawn Adam Williams


When she walked down the aisle at the chapel of love
The preacher told her to sing her song
When she picked up the mic and she begin to sing these words

Verse 1:

The congregation stood up their feet
Stompin’ to the beat
People clappin’ their hands
Every woman and man
She closes her eyes and realize
Her words comin’ from her mouth and prophesy


You better tell somebody for everybody (4x)

Verse 2:

When she got it on the roll
She's in control
People dancin’ on the floor
They'll be shoutin’ for more
When she left the stage
The whole crowd is in full rage
She got back and the crowd is singin’



Yes, she got the spirit
Her heart is caressing
And when the song's over
A blazing heart from the sky and the voice cryin’ out:
She hollered: YES! I saw the light!


© 2019 - Shawn Adam Williams
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Desperado Revue 2019 GK Contenders
Contender for 2019 GK nomination - Blues

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