Steve AprilCleaning Up Chicago
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Tuesday, January 29, 2019 3:01:27 AM
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Saturday, February 16, 2019 2:28:05 AM
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torn from the headlines...a drama about the police, gangs...

steve april vocal, guitar (melody, lyrics)

CENTURION keys, synth, strings, percussion

read an article a year ago or so, about how police departments are having problems with defective vests. here's a link to the article.
Cleaning Up Chicago

Juanita was hard core El Salvador
Rosie was perky, the girl next door,
Rosie tried to save her from a life of crime,
All Juanita knew was hard times.
Juanita did the cartel hop,
Rosie was a rookie cop.
When Rosie and Juanita became lovers
Rosie told her, “I’m undercover.”


Oh, cleanin’ up Chicago.

Jailhouse Slim looks like a rat
his tats scream 'tit for tat.'
There's Fuel Pump Louie and his chop shops,
and China Blue working the docks,
grave by grave we civilize the ground,
too many teardrops for this clown,
until we have a change of heart,
we won't begin to make a start.


oh, cleaning up Chicago.

We come on like a ton of bricks,
make stuff up just for kicks,
these are my people, these are my friends,
womb to tomb, beginning to end.
We played em like a vacuum cleaner,
one minute she was there, you shoulda seen her,
came on with her bulletproof vest,
went out with bullets in her breast.


hey hey, yah
cleanin' up Chicago. x
Song Comments

Steve April is a yeoman here at IMPNATION Over the years Steve has done some heavy lifting helping the music site stay afloat with his unselfish sacrifices and dedication as a station manager. Cleaning up Chicago is an insightful look at how drugs, bad influences of gangbangers and some few men in the blue get corrupted. It is a look inside the life of a few gone bad and Steve captures it in his effective wordsmith and musicality, weaving together a story that is like a movie with a great sound track. His Dylaneque style of singing and writing coupled with the adventurous special FX and dark synths and soaring strings which add a ghostly quality and mysterious sounds throughout this recent work. A storm is brewing folks, and it is cascading about America throughout the world, drugs, gangs and deviants are about us, seeking to devour you in a blink of an eye, this is a brilliant and masterful work,and Steve April lays it down with such a touch of genius and humility, he leaves it on your doorstep like the old times when daily news was delivered faithfully without fail. Listen, to tomorrows news today its full grim grotesque details, the truth , can you handle the truth, or will you walk away thinking everything is just fine.

Cup 'A Tea
,love the feel and sound that envelopes and surrounds one, and the overall aspect damn bloody good, great lyrics, time wise, nice lenght ,good stuff Steve, turned out marvelous mysterious, other worldly and I feel the ghosts and spirits swirling about... bryon t

Voodoo Central
Deep waters from Steve April, talking about,chitown the windy city,Cleaning up this place, well a challenge indeed, well it is deeper then just gangbangers drugs and bad cops Chicago's antiquated model of government is an outlier. It has failed its citizens. And the politically powerful must humbly look outward for solutions. Treating the symptoms does not work, tackle the cause. politicians are in it for themselves. go to the root of problems. Cut the head off. revamp and reinvigorate.

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