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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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song written by Father Time

Truth and justice, the American way
But the president’s a liar, everything he say
We will never see him in the courtroom
The system is fucked, the system is fucked

I think it’s time we bring in Perry Mason
Need a confession, I grow impatient
They can shove this long investigation
We need him out, we need him out

Ugly baby with an orange mug
Even Melania won’t give him a hug
His supporters crawl around like bugs
Such stupid shit goin on underneath his rug

This case surely calls for Perry Mason
Integrity and honor - vs the racist
Lookit all the shame on the red hat faces
They all workin for Russia, they’re such disgraces

This country's never seen such embarrassment
Never in history was there a man so incompetent in any realm

Brazen corruption, obstruction too
Cover their asses, that's all they do
He don't know his own damn lies from what is true
This country ain't greater, for me or for you

I think it’s time we bring in Perry Mason
Need a confession, I grow so impatient
This freak set out to just plunder our nation
Hey he's the president and he's unAmerican x
Song Comments

kick your ass and mine rawking bitch out tripping vibe heavy dude

Shit I Like
I'm liking it! Nice mix with a lot going on.

Super guitar work here!

Negative Tendencies is aka Scott the CEO of IMP and friends-This tune (with Vid) is one of the best Rock tunes around IMP at this TIME (Father Time)

Negative tendencies hit the sweet spot with their latest ROCK offering-works on all levels-tight production nice vocals

eYe 3 previous I wonder picks of Bryon T
This is a trip, raw powerful engaging mindblowing top drawer

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