negative tendenciesHardship Lane
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Another black cat just came in through our window
but it wouldn't matter 'cause we never learn
We walk under ladders that we could be climbing
Not a penny's been saved, girl, that we ever earned
'cause we know a quick fix just waits for our phone call
a trip to the city, so we can pretend
that things will be better, that we will get stronger
but you can be sure, baby, that will depend

We're livin' in a house on Hardship Lane
We're payin' the landlord but nothing is gained
For all that we've struggled, no cash to our name
The seasons are changin', our problems the same

For sure, noone said it was gonna be easy
but we've had to fight every step of the way
The second we've taken some small thing for granted
a kick in the head, and the world makes us pay
There's plenty of users and plenty of victims
but so very few who can make it above
the wedge between people, their lives and their money
Girl, all we got left is ourselves and our love

We're livin' in a house on Hardship Lane
The past is the present, we're working in vain
For all that we've given, the fact still remains
We ain't gettin' nowhere, we're stuck in these chains

Sometimes it breaks out and I know what we're fighting about
We get too involved in just watching our time running out

We're livin' in a house on Hardship Lane
Our life goes in circles, relations are strained
Been doin' some checking, the savings is drained
We're born to be losers, the knowledge ingrained

We're livin' in a house
Still livin' in this house
Survive in this house
Will we die in this house ?
We strived in this house
Never thrived in this house
Got by in this house
Did we try in this house ?

Somehow I believe that our battle might take us
to green fields on some other side of the fence
No doubt in my mind that we're gonna make ends meet
in ways that mean more than just dollars and cents
My back may be weary but it is not broken
Your dreams may be faded, but they are still there
We cannot forget who we have to wake up with
and whoever said that the world is unfair

We're livin' in a house on Hardship Lane
caught up in our troubles and ain't it a shame
Our story is sad, our excuses are lame
Got no piece of mind girl, but really now who is to blame ? x
Song Comments

Hardship Lane is a moving feast of down on yer luckness-empty streets, but crowded dwellings, shoulder to shoulder tackiness, trance like vid is on their page-watch it!

These guys have magic in their songs, catchy high energy tripping bvs in there hmmm .oh yeah, this has excellent rock pop groove with excellent guitar, terrific percussion, good vox tight tight tight. right right right fight fight fight its a hell of a sight sight sight

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