Bryon TosoffYour Love Falls Like Rain
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Saturday, July 27, 2019 9:03:56 PM
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Monday, July 29, 2019 4:10:12 PM
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Up Close and Personal
Richard Scotti's Love Festival
Silent Desperado
Exclusive Desperado
a new beginning
EZ Desperado


Let Love Rain, Let Love Reign, recorded with 4 track Tascam porta 07

Bryon Tosoff 2019

dedicated to those who let their love rain free, reign free shower this world with love love love
Song Comments

Richard Scotti's Love Festival
Beautiful love ballad and a perfect fit for our festival. Fortunate are those who have a spouse who writes a song like this about them. It's a rare and wonderful honor.

a new beginning
I like the musical aspect of this a lot but I think a slowed down version would be better yet.

Up Close and Personal
I picked a quiet summer day on a holiday weekend here in Canada to set aside the time to give Bryon room on the stage to display his sentimental and romantic side which he is known to keep close to his chest - at least from what I have seen from Bryon in the ten or more years that I have known him here at IAC/IMP. In this beautiful tribute to his wife, Bryon opens up in a way rarely seen from his private side as he clearly wears his heart on his keys, showering and honouring the special lady in his life with love and affection through his gift of music - the universal language of love, in a way that many of us have done from time to time, including yours truly who at the tender age of seventeen and while in high school way back in 1959, penned the words to one of the first songs that I wrote about a girl I was sweet on at the time. We were married five years later, and still are, fifty-five years later. Accordingly, the song anchors the songs of love on my station. I guess you could say I'm a hopeless romantic and perhaps that's why I felt a symbiotic rapport with Bryon's instrumental words of love, as I have done with other songs here. When and where there is love, there is a special happiness found nowhere else on this earth. "Your Love Falls Like Rain" - a tribute of love fitting nicely for Up Close and Personal. My apologies for the lengthy commentary - it just happened in much the way love happens.

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