The OverSoulHigh Cost of Fishing
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019 12:28:12 AM
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Fish stories

Words and Music Copyright (c) 2003 by Jack Morris
Cover Art Credit: CCO

Verse 1:
Today I launched out of Venice and trolled
The Wagon Wheel with jigs and pigs
In the cuts and pockets of the dead-end marsh canals
Caught my limit of monster bass
Came home tired cleaned the fish
And stuffed the filets in the freezer

You work to pay
The cost of living
You live to play
You die someday
Get forgiven
But it’s a damned shame about the high cost of fishing

You need a boat motor trailer and a truck to
pull 'em
Fishfinder mobile phone and GPS
Graphite rod and titanium spool
Spinner crank soft and topwater baits

Verse 2:
Once upon a time I'd grab handfuls of earth
Out the worm garden that grew in the yard
Stuff the squirming dirt in a can
Pick a cane pole behind the shed
Walk down Orleans Avenue
To the City Park lagoons and fish till dark

[Repeat Chorus]

[Repeat Bridge]

Verse 3:
The water was black and deep then
Swimming with bream and cats and crappie galore
And the possibility of a green flash
The phenomenal churn yank and splash
Of a monster bass erupting
Like a green god out of black water

[Repeat Chorus]

It’s a damned shame about the high cost
A damned shame about the high cost
A damned shame about the high cost of fishing
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