The OverSoulCarousel (Fast Ride)
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019 12:32:54 AM
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Wednesday, July 31, 2019 4:46:43 PM
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Tickets are going fast

Words and Music Copyright (c) 2003 by Jack Morris
Cover Art Credit: CCO

Verse 1:
The carnival is over now you say
You must have met the juggler yesterday
And I in all my silly innocence
Gave to you my last fifty cents

You’re like a carousel a carousel
You picked me up and kicked me off like all is
You’re like a carousel oh well oh well
You’re like a carousel a carousel
You run around in circles like a ride from Hell
You’re like a carousel from Hell oh well

Verse 2:
When I held you in our first embrace
The gypsy woman laughed into my face
And all the spotted horses fell in line
Knowing you would soon give them the sign

[Repeat Chorus]

Came inside bought a ticket to ride
Stood in line waited quite some time
Took my turn had a lot to learn
A nickel a ride you’re never satisfied
Never satisfied never satisfied

Verse 3:
Well I must admit I had myself some fun
If I was a clown you’d be the one
But I don’t care for living in a tent
Anyway my money’s all been spent

[Repeat Chorus] x
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