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Tuesday, July 30, 2019 6:40:21 PM
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019 6:41:40 PM
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Original Country Pop track by Derek McCorkell

Written , Composed , Performed and Produced by Derek McCorkell

The Day Of Reckoning copyright Feb21 2018 Derek McCorkell

The poor man seldom gets his just rewards for all he's done,
The rich man takes much more than he deserves.
The poor man struggles endlessly, his battle never won,
The rich man rides the Gravy Train along the straights & round the curves.
But there will come a day - a day of Reckoning.

The Politicians hollow words don't contain a grain of truth,
Only said to instigate their Master Plan.
False promises they'll offer up at the Election Booth,
Just empty words that fall upon the ears of the common working man.
There will come a day A day of Reckoning

There's no question inequality still reigns ,
The rich man gathers up his wealth, the poor man gets the pain.
When their dirty deals have all been done, we'll see the writing on the wall,
The poor man empty handed stands , as the rich man takes it all.

Politics and Rich men seem to both walk hand in hand ,
Deceit,Greed and selfishness corrupt the power that they command,
Yet what better way to keep the poor mans back against the wall,
Control the Government, and you control it all,
There's got to be a day - a Day Of Reckoning

Surely people there must come a day,
When these folk called up to account, their just deserts to pay.
Justice cries we must have some defense ,
To stop the rich man getting richer , at the poorer mans expense.

The poor man seldom gets his just rewards for all he's done,
The rich man just takes all that he can get.
The poor man struggles endlessly, his battle not yet won.
That day is coming, just ain't got here - yet.
When the last word has been spoken , we face the Final Curtain Call,
We see Rich & poor divided stand,on both sides of the wall.
Then for Justice & Equality The Freedom Bell we'll ring.
That will start the day The Day of the Reckoning.

We're all longing for the day - the Day of Reckoning

Lord please make today the day - the Day of Reckoning.
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