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Ever wonder how the pyramids and the Sphinx were built 8,000 years ago? And what about mummification?

Kerry Miller / Morgan Delaney

Song tells all
Memphis Egypt by Miller and Delaney © 2011
Down in Memphis, Egypt about 8,000 years ago
A golden-winged spaceship landed, some silver-suited space cats they got out, you know
They looked at the Egyptians gathered around and said, “We’re gonna play some music for you all.”
Man those Egyptians started dancing sideways; they was having a ball.
“We’re going to show you how to build pyramids in the sand
We’re gonna tell you about the oil that’s in your land
We’re gonna teach you how to play in a rock and roll band
Now this was really something those Egyptians never heard before
They just kept right on dancing and calling out, “More, more, more.”
Now little Egypt was belly dancin’ out on the pharaoh’s yacht
The Pharaoh said it’s getting pretty warm, but I ain’t hot.

Down in Memphis, Egypt I’m not talking about Tn.
A golden-winged spaceship landed; some silver-suited space cats they got out you see
“We’re gonna slice boulders from distant mountains
And levitate them through the air
We’re goona build you a great big pyramid
And set it right over there
With a broadcast tower built up on top
You’ll hear our music all over the land
We’ll build you a big statue of our pet Sphinx
And set it right in the sand.” Show ‘em how to do it

“We’ll teach you hieroglyphics so you can write our music down
We’ll show you mummification so you’ll never rot in the ground
But this will be our little secret.” That’s what the space cats said
“So future generations can wonder about all the things that you did.”
Down in Memphis, Egypt, I’m not talking about Tn.
Memphis, Memphis Egypt you’ll go down in history
Memphis, Egypt, Memphis Egypt, Memphis Egypt, Memphis X4
Now down in Memphis, Egypt, I’m not talking about Tn. At all
Down in Memphis Egypt, that’s all
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a new beginning
nice vocals

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