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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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song written by Father Time

They blocked Obama for the deficit
But now they don’t care at all
The constitution was important to them
Now they’ll toss it out to get a wall
They claim to favor preexisting conditions
while they wipe your health care off the map
They conspire to suppress all kinds of voters
treat democracy like crap

Lights out for the GOP
yeah now we know that they don’t stand for anything
It’s time for these assholes to just butt out
With their unAmerican ways

They claim to care about voter fraud
but they won't hear ya on North Carolina why?
They crucified Al Franken of course
for doin' far less than their main guy
They say that they are right to lifers
but they totally believe in endless guns
They claim their tax plan would help the country
but rich folks were the only ones

worry about sex predators crossing the border
but not a word about Jeffrey Epstein
Do everything they can to destroy the earth
then he says our air and water are clean
They stack the court with one-sided louts
Would not confirm Garland in an election year
Course now that subject comes up again
and Mitch says he's switchin' gears

They only care about our heritage
When it comes to confederate monuments
or to have a fake parade with army tanks
to show off that he's the president
Hillary was a security risk
You got a nonsecure cellphone and that's not all
you sanctioned murder from your pal Crown Prince
gave clearance to your son-and-law

Pro Life
Pro Gun x
Song Comments

NEGTEN gone OUTLAW. high energy ,rocking tune that grabs ya, great vox, totally locked in on that ,digging the outlaw element and kickass sound

Go Ask Alex
Raucous rocker with plenty of power jangle!

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