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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Who's the new sensation, it's an indie yeah yeah
comes to you from some godforsaken site
If you even looked you couldn't find them yeah yeah
but baby if you did you'd hear the light

we're mean - we are the one
like a rock machine - we are the one
and you don't know where we came from
or where we been

We were sent - we're not just men
on a course to meet - we are Neg Ten
out on indie street
so that's where we went

During times when rock was nothing but a nodding to the past
these mangy motherfuckers came out of the blue and things start changin' fast

Who's the new sensation, it's an indie yeah yeah
hey they got the shiniest shine in the shine
and they know they're good and they will tell you yeah yeah
You better listen up, they gonna rock you blind

They's wild - get on the bus
like a wayward child - the one is us
and it's been awhile
since the rock touched down

Wake Up - feel it in the air
Shit's about to erupt - this thing's so rare
I know it's abrupt - it's almost unfair
but it's the ragin' sound

You were floating rudderless on a wave that never broke
We came and hooked your lunkheads out so now you be awoke

Who's the new sensation, it's an indie yeah yeah
We can probably get your pants off if we want
You millenials don't know you need us - yet
but you will real soon we'll let you know upfront

Who's the new sensation? x
Song Comments

Full blown ROCK with all the trimmingsScott and the boys get my attention from the first chord.

Smashing guitar in your face right off, jump out of your seat and go oh yeah,percussion is killer, it is so energy laden ,these guys are having fun and laying it all on the line, ya, mother fuckers is so right,. truth brothers, truth! well done you rocking mofus alright rock on and lay down those guitar parts, nice

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