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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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song written by Father Time

All the best people
that's what you said
but what you brought us
was the very worst ones instead

Elaine Chou steered Russian funds to Kentucky to help Mitch keep his job
Scott Pruitt had a free-for-all. used his power like a fuckin' slob
Crooked Tom Price and Brenda Fitzgerald and Wilber Ross were into stocks
Kushner Inc. is a cash empire, turned the White House into their own Fort Knox.

Your campaign chairman was into more shit than anyone in history
You piss on the Congress oversight unconstutionality

The swamp is you
Your cabinet is wretched the swamp is you
You're in custody of a mess

Betsy Devoe is the college for profit queen
totally quashed a college fraud investigations team
Wheeler the head of the EPA worked for industries he now regulates
Ben Carson at HUD spent taxpayer money on office decorates

You have active heads in every department your original picks are strewn
and Steven Mnuchin took a military plane on his honeymoon

The swamp is you
Every fiber is corrupt
the swamp is you
The wreckage just piles up

The swamp is you
and that includes Mike Pence
the swamp is you
includes all your band of incompentents.

Ryan Zinke had a conflict of interest with every breath he took
I tell ya these wacked characters could've come out of a comic book
David Shulkin took a trip to Wimbledon, plus a river cruise for him and his wife
Bad Faith Barr has permanently scarred the Justice Department for life
Your personal lawyers embarrass themselves on TV every day
but are we ever gonna see this swamp thing go away

The swamp is you
You destroyed it all the swamp is you
now you're due for a fall

The swamp is you
Such a sick crime family the swamp is you
Lock the cell and throw away the key
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Heavy Rotation Archive
A great sound highlighted by swirling guitars, pocketing bass and grooving drums, topped off by punk vocals.

Mighty Jerkules Approved
Solid track from IMP supergroup featuring Father Time and Weapon X of Social Spit.

Boof-Poogly's Wagga Wagga Glogh-Wombly
ACOUSTIC punk!¡!?¿?!¡! Hahaha!!! ??

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