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Friday, January 10, 2020 7:31:06 PM
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Friday, January 10, 2020 7:37:56 PM
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Wearing Jackson Browne on my sleeve, this is my "Fountain of Sorrow." (Not in the same league, but, hey, it's Jackson, for crying out loud, which I did a lot of - crying out loud - thank you very little, LT.)

Piano, acoustic guitar, lead and harmony vocals: David Nyro
Electric guitar and bass guitar: Jakael Tristram
Electric slide guitar: Jeff Hass
Hammond B3 Organ: Roger Wood
Drums: Chas Bommarito IV

The song is about a break-up. What else is new? Break up #22. I had four true loves of my life, two above the others, and one at the top. The Beatles of love. She was the one. But for her, the grass was always greener and her sense of entitlement, fostered by fear, abandonment, betrayal, shaming, guilt, blame and anger, ruled. Buh-bye. I was cast aside. But it led to me re-defining myself and my life. Single now, going on four years. Single, by choice; not alone. Or lonely. I choose joyfully to never enter into another romantic relationship again and that is such a damn relief, let me tell ya. I think the #1 thing we need for relationships that work is luck. Not saying we shouldn't be conscious, unconditional, self-loving, kind, empathetic, calm, and all of that, but I've seen the ones that last are the ones who are lucky enough to find someone who sticks around and sees past their own egos and their partners' flaws, enough to love them. God knows we've seen some less-than-perfect relationships last. Luck plays a big role. My two cents. But I digress. The story of this song is long and winding. After 40 years of failed relationships, it's time to change the channel and do something else. Good news. More good news: I have enough material for a thousand songs, and then some. Ha ha! Keep going!
© January 14, 2018 by David Nyro

Ran away from her.
Ran away from him.
Now you run away from me.
But you can’t run away from you

I see a woman standing tall and proud and radiant.
She’s learned so well to keep her fears and doubts in check,
so you would never guess

Hold on to me, for a while.
Hold on to me, and not the past
Hold on to me, for a while,
‘til you find me lacking like all the rest

I see all eyes on you, watch you climbing to the crest
of a wave that rises beautifully, shining in the west.
But even oceans reach their limit,
waves crashing on the shore.
I saw it all and found it perfect,
but you always wanted more;
and it was never enough.

Above these ordinary moments,
that speak a humble truth,
that feet of clay can still walk with angels
when it comes to love in
the highest way, above it all!

There are moments that overwhelm;
when something wants to break through
Something wounded, something true.
Thru your tears, you ask me what I’m looking at
I simply answer...“you.”

Why do we welcome people into our lives,
sometimes for months, sometimes for years?
Only to discard them because they don’t vanquish all our fears;
something that only we, ourselves, can do.

I remember the secrets that you shared,
when you trusted that I cared,
the room within your room
when the world grew too much for you to bear.
Running home from your cruel school,
to an abandoned, mocking home;
feeling like a little fool,
punch your pillow and let those stinging tears flow;
Let them flow

Instrumental: (Jeff Hass, slide guitar)

And it seems to me your endless pain
is way out of proportion to these
slights, perceived or otherwise.
Makes me wonder if there’s a darker
secret, buried deep inside, buried deep inside.

But for you, it’s easier to drink your wine
and bury yourself in work,
Believe your workaholic parents never cared
and your sister is a jerk.
Punish them with high indifference and discard lovers
when they don’t serve your purpose
And still I loved you, and love you still,
even though you never believed it,
and perhaps, you never will x
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Desperado 2020 GK Contenders -1st Wave
Contender for 2020 GK nomination - Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana

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