Ross HardingI Know You So Well
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Saturday, February 29, 2020 8:22:05 PM
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Saturday, February 29, 2020 8:22:49 PM
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The Wondering Minstrels
EZ Desperado
Desperado 2020 GK Contenders -1st Wave
Black Diamond Desperado


A folky jaunt centered around the knowledge you really have of those who you "know so well".

Written by Ross Harding

I read Jimmy Webb's book on songwriting and wrote this afterwards.
I've known you a hundred odd years/ And I've heard all your stories
Seen all your laughter and tears/ And those half-jokes that you tell
We share the same eyes/ But none of us knows/ what really goes on inside.

I pick up the phone before you even call/ But there's no way to break down the wall.

I know you so well, I don't know you at all.

You paint pictures with all of your words/ like an artist you labour
But it's mostly all on your own terms/ And you looks they just lie
It's all but a glimpse/ of something so deep, all that we see is the eclipse.

I pick up the phone before you even call....

I know you so well, I don't know you at all.

But if you're willing to believe in a God
Then He knows in a way that's beyond
The knowing that we've come to know. x
Song Comments

The Wondering Minstrels
a charmin' song, w a beautiful chorus, that's 'a walking' contradiction,' and resonates into the astral plane, the vocal's stellar and the guitar-playin' recalls Donavan a bit, in his early years, there's affection, musicality, a bold view, a lovely song, cheers..

Desperado 2020 GK Contenders -1st Wave
Contender for 2020 GK nomination - Easy Listening/Soft Rock

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