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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Vocal version.The lyrics kind of explain the theme but I guess can be interpreted to the individual.Not my best vocal but it's what it is.
Sapphire x

Oh Look at what we've become
Shadows fall in the rising sun.
We chased the tail end of dreams long gone
Searching for something worth smiling for
Searching for something worth
dying for.
Oh Look what we left behind,
Needless things we let control our minds
We are older,wiser now
All we need is a sign
So let's find something worth smiling for
Let's find something worth dying for.
Ran down to the river
We stumbled with laughter
Like kids on the inside
We are lords of the dawn light
Through trees,sun flickers
Like an old sepia movie
Eyes wide,hazey shimmer
We are blinded to its beauty.

Out of breath,we came to a stand,
Beneath an old willow
We were frozen in a trance.
With whispers of dreams for tomorrow
Capture the moment and let it go....
End verse:
Dragonflies of every colour
Were dancing in time with eachother
This memory of summer,
We will keep forever.
Backing vocals to end:
Dragonflies Dance
Dragonflies dancing
Dragonflies dance
Dragons uniting.
Where Dragonflies Dance. x
Song Comments

A Virtual Star
a pleasing sonic patina, w guitars/keys (synth), and a expressive vocal, roomy sonics, and a unfolding message, w a wa wa, unusual tasteful production, kudos...

Desperado Comments
Well, I can't get enough of this one. Contrary to what Sapphire Wolf mentions about the vocal I think it is a great vocal. I find it is soothing wich seems appropriate in these crazy times. Second, my take on the subject matter would be that it deals with life and death wich is something that many would rather not deal with. Here with a few strokes of the brush it is put on canvas Where Dragonflies Dance wich becomes an interesting afterlife concept. In all honesty I'm deeling with a loss a this moment and this song is keeping me awake so here is to my good friend "Simon", dragonflies uniting.

lovely production, charmin' expressive vocal, a special endeavor indeed, w a grand opening verse and chorus, a toucha moody blues lushness mayhaps, and cat Stevens mayhaps, the piano and guitar interplay 's stellar, a large canvas, neat strings, "where dragonflies dance," kudos...

2020 IAIA Golden Kayak Award Nominees
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