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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Nobody For President 2024
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He somehow got elected and he had a big plan
Keep us safe from terror with a Muslim ban
Block the Mexican immigrants, he'd build that wall
Oh yeah he was gonna protect us all

Some of us got him, wasn't hard to do
He was all about himself he doesn't care about you
And whatever he said we eventually knew
He was makin' shit up yeah, none of it was true

We love our democracy
But maybe nothing lasts forever
All we can do is move ahead
And hope we do it together

While we got annoyed, on the other side
Some gullible believers went along for his ride
We let em alone, thought they'd come around
But we were so wrong, they became spellbound

Oh conspiracies can be a cray cray thing
Like a bonding agent for the whole rightwing
Shit was baked in their furnace, it all went to hell
And that's how we got the Trump terrorist cell

No kings in a democracy
But there are those who want the throne
We aren't immune from a charismatic man
Yes this we have been shown

Turns out we ain't so safe no more
Starting with a pandemic that the man ignored
And a whole bunch of people bringin' sacks of lies
To a battle where somebody eventually dies

so lemme tell ya what I'm talkin about
an assassin outside Kamala's house
and a bunch of dead asians, really sad
cause the asshole's been sayin' that China is bad
GOP runs rampant to get their judges
one whole party that never budges
Mitch voted to acquit, Mitch spoke in scorn
I sure wish Mitch had never been born
Trump stood in the middle of 5th avenue
and he shot a cop, so what did they do?
they let the fat demon off again Scott free
to keep destroyin the land of liberty
he crushed every institution it seems
made a mockery of the America Dream
all the fucked up shit that's allowable now
that is if white folks do them, cause black folks no how
they don't want em to vote, they don't want em to try
They terrorize based on a big dumb lie
every value you had got tossed in the trash
one more political song, I hope it's the last
cause my side ain't winnin' any time soon
there's more stupid people jumpin over the moon
no justice right between the eyes
there's gotta be a point when your country just dies

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