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Thursday, August 19, 2021 4:49:49 PM
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Thursday, August 19, 2021 4:51:38 PM
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I saw today, I saw today on a cable news show
it was the Springfield ICU, beds lined up in a long row
We thought we were done with that, but that Delta took hold though
and I thought

They were too stupid to get their shots now
oh too stupid to get their shots now
They had thought they could probably slide by but hey whatcha got now
there's a ventilator with your name on it just waitin' for you

oh the lady with the red hat, she's got her mind made up
Knows every Q talking point, that somebody made up
doesn't want a microchip in her arm, but she's all prayed up
She'll pass on that magnetized blood, this vaccine can kill
Is there any real Covid at all, she's doubting that still

All her MAGA friends agree, about not takin' that shot
Trump is playin' his cards real close to his vest.
and what about the thing they said on Hunter Carlson's show
It just ain't worth the risk, if you get that poke you gonna get messed

You want to own the libs, you heard that this is a good way
but hey you need to stop buying whatever Fox News say
Over half a million people already have paid
Now you got a good way out, go get the thing done
Somebody's gonna wait too long, please don't be that one


jab jab jab
jab jab jab

Even if you catch the thing, it's pretty much like the flu
You only have to worry if you're too old
there's one way that you're gonna be safe, to go get the vaccine
hey if you catch it now you know, that shit would just be so obscene

You was too stupid to get your vax now
So stupid, with your conspiracy facts now

They were too stupid to get their shots now
oh too stupid they don't get the plot now
We got endless doses yeah you can get you a slot now
and it just might save your life, that's not a small thing
hey you never know what kinda day this day will bring
so stupid


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