Tiffany LeeHeart of Glass
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This is a bluegrass version of Blondie's Heart of Glass arranged by James Conlee.
Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband play all the instruments, as well as sing some backgound vocals. I do lead vocals and most of the harmonies. Enjoy!


Song Comments

Bluegrass and some other stuff I like
Pickin on Blondie...I had visions of Debra Harry sportin a banjo

Sancocho Music
Blondie´s Heart of Glass in Bluegrass Style, can you dig it? I sure can

Lana's Country Kitchen
Excellent Version of a Classsic song

Women I'd Marry Tomorrow If I Wasn't So Damn Ugly
What can I say. Her horse is better looking than I am. Maybe if I got down on all fours and stuck a saddle on she might give me a sugar lump and tickle me behind the ears. I doubt it. I guess I'll just have to listen to this great cover of one of my favorite songs.

We want Hen Fap!!
She's a BABE and this is a GREAT cover of the great Blondie song.....who woulda thought it would work as a bluegrass tune! You get my Hen Fap!!

Hope Street
Blond and blue eyes you broke my heart Blondie

The Talent Searcher
Tiffany is doing a cover but what a cover !!. There are great surprises at IAC like this bluegrass version of Blondie´s song.The plucked strings instruments´s performances are like the train rails and Tiffany is the fast train .

Started out as hip-hop, turned into new-wave and now it's a Blondie tune turned into a nice griddle full of country hot cakes and fun on the porch with singer Tiffany Lee and her finger pickin pals.

The Johnny Normal Musical Box
Being a fervent Blondie fan since I was knee-high to a small thing, I clicked the play button with trepidation for this track. But, I was really pleasantly surprised. Totally original and enjoyable cover version of an iconic song. I love the unique interpretation. Bizarrely beautiful stuff.

Feelin' It!
What an awesome remake of a classic disco song!


My Station is Tons of Fun
Finally, beautiful blonde girls are doing bluegrass. Cool version of a classic.

IAIA 2007 Golden Kayak Nominees

Groovy Music 10
Grass Groove!

Joe Santa Maria Radio
Another gem...this tune is so interesting and beautiful you have Heinze Baked Beans in your ears if you don't enjoy it as much as I do.

Yrral Malliks Country
Bluegrass Rules never expected to see this in the Bluegrass genre Hee Haw

Road Movie..
Delightful bluegrass version of The Blondie classic..A good song's a good song's a good song..Thanx to The Hills are alive with singing birds for finding this..

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