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Saturday, February 19, 2005 2:45:01 AM
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Saturday, February 19, 2005 2:46:42 AM
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why didn't you just say so?
Hits of Tomorrow . . . Today
Sound Stage
i like it two
Now We're REALLY Streamin'
The Golden Captive
Free As A Bird


In the fire station live several of broken company
Red light burns above the nation but it really doesn't bother me
Rights of trials and tribulations is more than I can see
Have a little faith direction and listen harmony

Boom box sitting on top of the car, he liks to think one day he'll go far
Right or wrong at least the same, carry out orders let me fly the plane
On the birthday cake in yellow written "Beauty, I believe!"
Have a little faith direction and listen harmony

Bad moon rising above your home, stay inside unplug the phone
Vapor hides in runny wahta and forms on misty clouds
Rake the leaves enjoy the weather, for duty for the team
Have a little faith direction and listen harmony
Song Comments

Sound Stage
Just love the drum and vocal in this track, together with a loose feel make for a very enjoyable track.

Peter Adams writes really cool songs..Dunno why i havn't got round to adding this strange atmospheric progressive pop song earlier as i remember it from years ago on garageband..Violins,great dumb little acoustic riff and neat quirky songwriting all make Spaceboy do the cosmic twizzle...

The Golden Captive
Combination of indie vocals, hip hop drum breaks, violins and produced with imagination

a sonic tapestry, cool changes, touches...

Free As A Bird
love the harmonies, melody, storytellin', production, among my favs here imhv...

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