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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 7:35:16 PM
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 8:19:45 PM
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Recorded at Fast Foward Studio - 1996 - 1997. Produced, Recorded and mixed by Tony Korologos.
Acoustic and Vocals - Gina French
Artwork by Grant Fuhst, Photo taken by Beth Dove and Grant Fuhst



This Time

This time around
They’ll be no grievin from believin
This time around, time is on my side
And all the walls from my pain
will come tumbling down
Maybe this time
This time around
I’ll sift the good from the bad
This time around
they’ll be no looking back
And the moments I have dreamt
will become my finest hours
maybe this time

Traveling, down that silent road of
my heart’s surmise, waiting
for the right time, for the right time
to arise. This time around
I’ll find my way through the
thick and thin. This time around
no stones unturned from
where I’ve been
And my fortress of strength
Will stand tall in the sun
Maybe this time

Traveling, down that silent road of
my heart’s desire, waiting
for the right time, for the right time,
Has arrived

This time around
I’ll celebrate all the simple things
This time around
I’ll radiate my own true being
I’ll take the good with the bad
They’ll be no looking back
Maybe, in my finest hours
Time has come around
for this dreamer’s finest hours
Maybe, maybe, maybe this time

Song Comments

Country Folk & Blue Shades of Grass
Gina's music is unmistakeable. Beautiful songwriting and vocals. Her music will always have a home on my stations.

Alberto Martínez´s Coffee Shop
Gina is a generous human being and an special artist.This Time is really beautiful , a guitar and vocal harmonies are enough for what she have to say. The feeling makes it flow .Gina´s creativity turns music into beauty.

Folk Goddess Bo-ho Ra-di-o
Beautiful harmonies!

The Stars Are Never Really Distant
Lovely mellow acoustic song from Gina with alot of natural space and a gentle heartwarming pastoral vibe...Has a real driving thru the country feel for me..

Last Angel Horse Sanctuary
If it wasn't dangerous to have a walkman on when I was riding my lovely horse across the fields, this song would definitely be on the CD. It's so sweet Gina, and your kindness really shines through.

Bare Thread IV
... "This Time" is what we have ... on the thread ...

I've been headed for your page Gina for what seems like "ages" - days are like that sometimes - but today the special pull of your friendship brought me here to pull up my chair, and the rest as they say, is history. Your warm, sweet acoustic guitar intro swung your door wide open for me to come in, sit down and spend some time listening to and loving your beautiful song, "This Time". Honestly. I didn't want it to end ... your beautiful harmonized vocals added a very special touch of deja vu for me to your engaging and telling lyrics and gave me the feeling that you've been to "that" place - "This Time" - more than once before in your life, and I thought: Now haven't we all !! You are truly a gifted singer/songwriter Gina, and it shows everywhere in this wonderful and so very well done song. A great song not only tells a story, it tells a story that we all know, a story that each one of us could, or wish we could tell. "This Time" is such a song, and I am honored to add you Gina and your beautiful song to Legendary Music.

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