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Friday, March 24, 2006 10:16:28 PM
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Saturday, September 30, 2006 3:50:08 AM
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a tune about how the lines get blurred in times of national strife and turmoil.

Dave Mebane main vocals, Richard Montefiore choral vocals Eric Myer, Songwriting, guitar, bent harmonica,background vocals.

A southern wind is blowin
It carries me along
Through the poplars guiding me
Into the foggy dawn

And quiet as a church house
I still hear the cannons roar
The place of peace may be still at last
Its just the calm after the storm

And the Tennessee River
Is bleeding blue tonight
And the Sons of Shiloh
Sleep ‘neath the grey moonlight
Forever marching for a cause they know is right
The boys in blue and the rebels too stand a silent watch tonight

Comin out of Corinth
To counter U.S, Grant
General Johnston, Beauragard
Polk and Braxton Bragg

All fell into a hornets nest
Of a nation gone blind
Which lost more young men in one day
Than in all her wars combined


It was brother against brother
For Union and for home
And some even dared to think
It was for things we all should own

Like the freedom to be counted
Or the freedom to be free
Free from others heavy hands
And own our destiny

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Groovy Music 10
For OUR Country!

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