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Thursday, March 30, 2006 5:53:45 AM
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Saturday, February 22, 2014 2:50:27 PM
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I Like Strange. ~M~
Wet Wave


2010 remix

Wet Dentist: bass, sequencers, drumkit, synths, voxs, git

Pyramid Crowbar

Face first off a cliff . . .
Pummeling the clouds . . .
Jet exhaustion stamped on Goonie Bird acid
Shot smog at the idiot cosmos
Sure, blame it on the chemicals
That could easily melt trash bags But it’s me

The buzzword of the herd
I’m not just one , I’m two
I’m two of you, but more, more
Malaysian laser beam
Will find the stud (you’re toast)
Down in the mud the most

Gooey like gum stuck in a cement crack
A fly without ground (yeah, I’m like that)
I’ll run a marathon straight down your throat
Before concertina wire chokes and pokes holes in you

But it’s me
Pay the penalty
Feel how it’s like being bitten while dead (seeing)
March and chant
The future hiding behind this A merican alibi

My pyramid scheme will never get arrested
My pyramid scheme your codpiece collapses
My pyramid scheme sharpens up the crowbars
My pyramid scheme apostolic apostle of God

Here’s the shovel, I bought it broken
Now you know what’s behind curtain #1
Song Comments

Wet Wave
electrowave for the idiot cosmos

I Like Strange. ~M~
Very creative stuff the Wet Dentist has. -M-

Wet Dentist is very creative. I find their music interesting and thought provoking. This is only one of many from their Artist Page. -M-

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