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A song about loss

Words, music, vocals, guitars and keyboards: Brian Booth. Recorded by Jim Riley at Ranscombe Studios, Rochester, Kent, UK, who also provided acoustic percussion. Remastered using the IAC service September 2006

Untold Tale

Words and music: Brian Booth, copyright 2005

And why am I frightened by beauty in my hand?
Is it simply being scared of what I don’t understand -
Or the thought that hope, most fragile of flowers
Can die in the desert of a few silent hours?

If I could describe for you your half-perfect smile
Or that look of boredom that’s all part of your style
Perhaps you’d see why I feel completely outclassed
Clutching at something that just cannot last

When you’ve turned on your radio, did you ever hear
A song with words that rang out, truthful and clear?
That sang out loud all you’d been meaning to say...
I wish I could do that for you, I wish I could play

I wish I could play, how I wish I could play…

And so I must let go of you, before we get hurt
I’ll never be in your league, and I ought to revert
To looking out for someone slightly more real -
But I wish you all love and care, and a much better deal
Song Comments

Byronic Musings
This is a good song, beautifully produced - it's like listening to a less poppy Cat Stevens. And ahh... The beauty myth !

1b) I was going to pick "Where Is" as my second choice, but after our little "talk" of negative things, found IT to be too depressing! Is it about "Divorce"? Well, that's what it had ME feelin' anyway. Endgame may have a depressing affect on you, but to me it is a song of hope. Anytime someone comes to the place where they really come to understand what is important in this life is a day for rejoicing! No matter how short that day may "bee"! Cheers! -M-

Monsters Are People Too
I chose this from Brian's fine catalogue because there is such a nice gentle unfussy honesty about the lyrics that resonates within me. Who amongst us have not heard a song on the radio that somehow encapsulates how we feel about a person or situation in our lives at a particular time?

Soul Invitation
brian, a wonderful talent, and stellar reviews, please come back...

Music Lovers
lilting, upbeat guitar and joyful flute, meditations about beauty, loss, talking to a true love that "cannot last," love this...

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