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Thursday, April 07, 2005 4:10:46 PM
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 10:57:59 AM
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" gee is this brit, i can't tell
well done. gotta give props for that. beatles, bowie, n hoople. vocals n melody right on for this style."

written by J. Trole Taylor

She had a program on TV you'd see her on the BBC every afternoon at three Her name was Wendy she was eight and everything was going great until her ratings didn't rate Now she's sobbing on the floor cause they don't need her anymore And all the People are talking of Wendy this morning There was not enough gore and no bashed in brains All the children who saw it said it's such a bore and all the bastards who bought it will never be the same There is a way to elude your pain wish it away to a different day but you'll cry much harder when it's time to pay Now poor Wendy she's so sad she lost all she ever had living in this world gone mad Hey when it's gone what you gonna say Hey what's happened to the world today Oh, when it's gone where you gonna go Oh you're going home And now she's crawling on the floor cause they don't need her anymore Everybody loves a story and she'll never be the same
Song Comments

Well, by now you should know I really dig this kind of music. First of there's the stacatto quarter note piano, then the great turn-around in the verse. How do you top that? With a fantastic chorus. Nice use of a dominant chord in the 4th bar of the chorus too!

Missing The Beatles?
Missing The Beatles?... try "trolling" for 'em...

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