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Words and Music by David Hosking


Well she took my heart
To a trader in metal
She said it's heavy, it's hard
And on what price can we settle
He said slow down, slow down
To me your heart is worthless
Slow down and look around
My wares are only precious

So she took my heart
To a business man in Asia
She said it's working, it's strong
And what price can you offer
He said slow down, slow down
Your Western heart can't help us
Slow down and look around
Your item is in surplus

So she took my heart
To a bureaucrat on Spring Street
She said it's beaten it will obey
It's yours for nothing if you need it
He said slow down, slow down
The regulations are clear
Slow down and look around
You will not find a heart here

So she took my heart
And dug a hole down in the garden
And said a prayer and had a cry
'Cause she believed it was a bargain
And way down in the ground
Under the wilting flowers
Way down in the ground
I beat away the hours
Song Comments

Great lyrics with a different slant !He has a unique angle and approach that makes this song stand out.

The Talent Searcher
What´s an artist ? David Hosking is an artist. He got a musical vision, he works to bring it for life , he express his vision of the world with words and music and he sings it all with pure emotion in his voice . The guitar and the voice serves the idea . This is not a fake, this is the real thing my friends.A poet´s music.

Musical Journeys
Lovely imagery. Feels like a fairytale for adults.

The Great Pyramid

Yetis are happy but bigfoot.............
This is a song the Yettis city major play to her wife at anniversary for mycho bonito romantic night.David Hosking is not a relative of Anthony Hosking the great actor , but he´s a fandango incredible mayonesa songwriter for the Yettis´people. they like to hear the song scrap and go to the garden to jump over the flowers. This is much more than bonito mucho, it´s a message for the feeling castañuelas.

Frogbox Radio
A very strong song,yet so mellow and laid-back

the acoustic splendor station
ff you could put saturn in an enormous bathtub, it would float. the planet is less dense than water.

Musicians For Compassion 3
And our hearts are always in the lost and found...

Troubadour Radio
Brilliantly constructed lyric.

The Rock
A sesoned searcher.

vos es in meus mens
How did I miss this one. Again lyrically this song is brilliant (the music is god as well) I'm just jealous that he can come up with these metaphors. One of those occasions where you go, Damn it, why didnt I think of that first. p.Kicks (OMF)

So she took, my heart, to pass, among the crushers. They took, a look, the lot, untouched ushers. They said, slow down, melt it down, this one's too badly mangled. Slow down, and shop around, find one, more newly fangled. So she took, The Book, Blue and crammed with entries. They helped, her look, to see, what scrap might fetch her. Rusty remains, heaped high, left to die, lie now in the junk yard. Slow down, slow down, rest now, with the rest here. Slow down, slow down, slooooooow down...monsterTrack in town here!

Bare Thread II
.... sometimes along the thread we wonder... are we but mear "Scrap" ....


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