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Friday, June 09, 2006 1:04:36 AM
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Thursday, December 06, 2007 10:49:36 PM
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Here is our 3rd demo, New Day. This one features Eric on lead vocals. Note the two distinct vocal styles between Randall and Eric.
Please take a listen and let us know what you think.

Music and Lyrics written by Dwell

She sits hugging her teddy bear rocking alone in her chair
Crying herself to sleep at night hoping that when she wakes things will be all right
In the morning all her hopes are dashed; a day like the day before
She puts her head in her hands, she can’t take much more

She sits at her vanity brushing her long silky hair
Staring into sad eyes of tragedy that have felt too much pain for one soul to bear
She sits and she wonders what’s the point of it all?
If you can’t find your happiness why go on at all?

And all she wants is to be loved
And all she needs is to be numb
And she feels like she’s the only one
To have ever felt this way
She wants to find her new day

Her mind is made up, as she tucks herself into bed
She kisses her teddy bear, with peaceful thoughts within her head
She holds him close as she starts to fall asleep
And she says just a little prayer for her soul to keep

And all she wants is to be free
And all she needs is to find sanctuary
And she knows tonight is the very last night
As she slowly drifts away
She knows she’ll soon find her new day

And all she wrote to whom it may concern
When you read this, you will learn
And she hopes, that we’ll all understand
The reasons she had to go away
She’s finally found her new day.
Song Comments

...a good song to relax to

Esta música es hermosa, es fácil sentir que estos musicos se preocupan por los pequeños detalles! La fuerza crece y se acumula... lo que más me gusta de este tema es su caracter recio. Las partes suaves son profundas... las partes fuertes son tensionantes.

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