Jonathan Patrick MooreThere and Back again
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 5:46:07 PM
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006 5:47:46 PM


Gentle reflective ballad

Jonathan Patrick Moore

I remember back in Nursery School when we would walk outside,
To keep us all together a rope would be our guide,
And as we walked in single file singing a simple song,
The one rule to remember was, “Make sure that you hold on”
And when we packed the car up for a day trip to the sea,
The journey though not many miles took an eternity,
And when we asked where we were bound, we hated Dad’s reply,
The answer never made much sense and still we wondered why?

I’m holding on to life’s magic rope, promising that I’ll not let go,
Where love remains there is still hope,
And where life leads we may never know,
Though the answer still remains the same to my backseat quiz
“We’re going there and back again to see how far it is!”

My early recollections of us twins in yellow suits,
Of gooseberries and raspberries and all those summer fruits,
Of Sheila’s flannel board telling tales in Sunday school
And all the gooseberries we picked turned into gooseberry fool.
Of junket through the window and shattered window panes,
Of giant eels hung on our gate and strolling down Pound Lane.
A set of random memories might not make sense to you,
But a phrase I heard my Father say – I still hold to be true.

Though life is much more complicated, simple things remain,
Truth shines through this muddled mess like sunshine after rain,
And now I find a phrase of old recently renewed,
My stress has been diluted by a brand new attitude,
And the quest to find fresh meaning in the fundamental rules,
Has led to re examining the place of Nursery Schools,
In setting your direction no matter what highway you’re on,
Once you grab the rope of life remember to hold on.

Jonathan Patrick Moore C 2006
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